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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gratitude Day 6 and 7: Thank you for support

Thank you friends,

I've had a very bad week-end on many different levels.

My thank you message for those 2 days goes to each and everyone of my friends and family for their support and presence in my life.

For those who knew I was struggling and those who didn't, you've equally helped. Support and love don't take effort or time. It can be a stranger's smile, a nice quote posted on facebook or a love message sent to all.

Thank you


  1. You are such a beautiful person Nikky. Keep going. Friends & Families are never too far. And when life gets tough, may God hold you hands and may you feel its presence in your heart. Always.
    Thinking of you. xoxo

  2. Nikky, know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God surround you with arms of love!


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