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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reader's Love and appreciation

It's been at least three weeks since I wrote my last post on this Blog, and to be honest, I miss writing, but I also miss connecting with all of you. I have tried many times, to put some energy into this Blog again, but I couldn't manage it, although I do have few posts "on hold" in the draft folder.

Today I am forcing myself into it again hoping it will help to distract me from my thoughts and fears. I have felt lonely without you all, my friends.

On my last post, I was nicely surprised to be nominated by Rhonda who is author, writer, poet and publisher on her blog OEBooks RYCJ for the Tell Me About Yourself Award and by a great Poet on his Blog Gray Poet for the Beautiful Blogger Award .

The rules for both awards is firstly to link to the blogs that have granted the award, reveal 7 things about yourself, and nominate 7 new Bloggers for the award.

I choose today to reveal 7 things that make me cry, and 7 things that make me smile.

7 things that make me cry:

  1. I cry at ALL weddings, mainly when I look at a bride. It has nothing to do with my own wedding, because it is something that happens since my childhood.
  2. I cry when I hold a little baby in my arms. This also happened with my own children when I was alone with them. I avoid holding babies now :(
  3. I cry whenever I see children performing something they have learned to do, like playing music, dancing, sports, etc.. For example, I cry at First Communion Ceremony, school end of year ceremony etc..
  4. I cry whenever I try to sing, whatever song it is, although singing has always been my dream, my favourite dream.
  5. I cry when I feel loved, when I receive a message of love, a hug, a thought, a smile.
  6. I cry when I feel that someone is upset with me, especially when I don't know how I have hurt them.
  7. I cry when I see an act of kindness and can read gratitude in the people's eyes.

7 things that make me smile:

  1. I smile at the world: everyone I meet as I go about my daily life, whether I know them or not because a smile brightens the day for me, but also for them.
  2. I smile when I'm expecting something and it happens the way I expected it.
  3. I smile whenever I feel appreciated for something I have done or said
  4. I smile when I feel understood
  5. I smile when someone is laughing
  6. I smile at someone's crying, not as a judgement but only a comforting smile, a smile that says "its OK, all will get better and better".
  7. I smile now at each and everyone of you reading this post

Since I have been nominated before for the Beautiful Blogger Award, and have already nominated others to receive it, I choose today to nominate 7 new Blogs that I never mentioned before.

7 blogs I would like to nominate for the Tell Me About Yourself Award: