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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guest post: An open blessing

It's been many months that I say and promise to start writing again, but I wasn't able to keep my promise. It's not the lack of time nor the laziness; it's not the lack of ideas or subjects to discuss nor it is a loss of interest in writing. It's just that my efforts to concentrate have been vain, however I tried.

On one of the very bad days, my wonderful friend Megan author of the blog I stop for suffering sent me this beautiful message that I wanted to share with you.

It's been almost a year that I'm following her Blog. It's a page created to spread love. I have shared so many of the posts on my wall on Facebook, as it always brings me comfort and peace.

Thank you Meg!

An open blessing

If you are having a rough time lately, and you are ready to give up;
Or if your spirits are down, and you are having trouble going on….
Just know that there is someone out there who is thinking about you, and loves you and wants you to be okay.
If all you want to do is to give up, or crawl into bed and hide under the cover,
 remember that you are not alone.
If I could be there with you today I would be.
I would hug you and tell you that it is going to be okay.
I would whisper it over and over until you believe it.
Because no matter how dark it seems right now, know that you will be okay.
I will help you find the strength to get through the dark days.

My heart goes out to all the people today who are suffering, and feeling grief, loss and pain.
When things seem dark and hopeless, please know that there are people who care about you, and want you to be okay.
There are people like me who sit on our meditation cushions, and send love and healing out into the universe.  For people like you.  For people who need it more than they can express.
Honour yourself and your feelings. Those that love the most, also feel the most pain. 
When faced with challenges, treat yourself gently.  Take one day at a time.  One hour at a time if needed.
Give yourself breathing space.  Nurture yourself. 
Spend time with books, music, movies and places that uplift, comfort, inspire and restore you.
You will learn and grow from the experience.  And you will come out the other side a stronger person.  With a greater empathy and capacity to help others.
And when you are feeling alone and sad…
Close your eyes, and tap into the energies of love and support in the universe. 
Trust in the comfort that you receive.
Breathe in life.
And don’t ever give up.
You’re in my thoughts and prayers.  You’re in my daily meditations. From my heart to yours, I’m sending love.
Blesssings, Meg

Friday, November 2, 2012

Suicide? Why?

It must' a been a place so dark, couldn't feel the light
Reachin' for you through that stormy cloud
Now here we are gathered in our little home town
This can't be the way you meant to draw a crowd

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking the troubled soul, God only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song

Now in my mind I keep you frozen as a seventeen year old
rounding third to score the winning run
You always played with passion no matter what the game
When you took the stage you shined just like the sun

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking the troubled soul, God only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song

Now the oak trees are swayin' in the early autumn breeze
The golden sun is shining on my face
The tangled thoughts I hear a mockingbird sing
This old world really ain't that bad a place

Oh why there's no comprehending
And who am I to try to judge or explain
Oh but I do have one burning question
Who told you life wasn't worth the fight

They were wrong
They lied
And now you're gone
And we cried
Cause It's not like you to walk away in the middle of a song
Your beautiful song
Your absolutely beautiful song

Why - Rascal Flatts

We met for the first time five years ago. My sister introduced you as her neighbor and very good friend, she said you were more like family. That sounded nice. Several days after I arrived this year, we became concerned for you, as you were so distressed about losing your job. So many times we talked about you, hoping to find a way to ease your anxiety. So many times we wondered Why you would find it so hard when you knew perfectly well that you would soon find a new job. So many times ..... so many times ...

 Why? Why didn't we hear any alarm bells? How come we couldn't realize that your pain was deeper than a normal loss? Why were we only noticing the changes in you but not realizing that you were sending SOS messages? Why were you alone at home that night? Why did the doctors send you back home pretending you were perfectly fine and were, basically, exaggerating?

I look at your husband. He is trying to be strong for your daughters. You abandoned him after all those long years together. He has been my son's best companion since we arrived, helping him to practice his English. I saw them many times a day talking and laughing! I see him now pale and tired, forcing a smile with two big question marks reflecting in his eyes. Why? 

I think of your daughters. Why did you abandon them? Why didn't you at least call to say goodbye? Didn't you consider how heartbroken they would be? How did you think they would manage without you? I know you will be there for them from where you are now, but they don't know that. They want you physically with them. They want your support. They need you to be at their weddings and to be there, spoiling their children. Why? Why did you do this to them?

I think of my sister and all the plans you made together. I can feel her pain, her guilt. She used to come to me and ask me questions about depression. She was trying so hard to understand your behavior and words in order to help you the best she could. She was so worried about you, and she still can't believe you're gone. She still feels she is hearing your voice. She still thinks of you and of ways to cheer you up, then she remembers the hard truth and says WHY??

Then I think of me. I had locked myself in my bedroom for so many days. Why did I choose to go out on that Sunday and meet with you and talk to you? How I wish I hadn't seen you, yet I wish I had read it in your eyes. You said we will talk. You asked me how I felt. You wanted to know if I was happy and if my children were adapting well to their new life in a new country. I looked into your eyes but I was blind to their language, blinded by my own distress. That was just a few hours before you were gone? How I wish I was more aware. Why didn't you tell me?

Why did you leave the stage in the middle of your beautiful song? A moment of anger, disappointment and despair when the orchestra messes with the rhythm of the song. One false note can be very disturbing to the ear. One can either stop singing, or decide to sing louder to cover up the disharmony.
You decided to stop singing.

I know why. I know that your death carries a painful secret: You only needed to be seen. You desperately needed to be noticed and to have your pain validated. That's why. Did you really want to go? I doubt it. You were desperately trying to understand why you were suffering that much ... which is why you went to that stupid Doctor, asking for help. You were confused about your own feelings. You didn't blame anyone else for not taking you seriously as you, yourself, did not understand what was happening.

I would never judge or blame you because I understand; I, too, have been that desperate. I, too, have wanted to end my hell ... but when I look at all the pain you left behind, when I see all the hurt your death has caused, and all the people who truly loved you, I can't help screaming with the others and saying WHY ?????

I'm trying to learn self love, but sometimes I feel better by only thinking of others. I don't want to cause pain to the people I love. I wish you had thought of those who love you ..... had realized exactly how much pain you would inflict on the lives of those you left behind when you decided to stop singing.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sometimes i wish....

Sometimes I wish..........

Sometimes I wish YOU didn't abandon me when I was a a toddler. I know you loved me, I know you cared and I know that grandma took good care of me, but it was YOU that I needed, your attentions I wanted. Oh how I wished you would notice me, hug me, miss me; how I wished I could get seriously sick so that you would sit next to my bed and hold my hand.

Sometimes I wish YOU were nicer to me in school, you accepted me as a schoolmate, and invited me to your parties and to play with you. I wish you tried to understand me and got to know me instead of bullying me and criticizing me and laughing at me.

Sometimes I wish that YOU didn't take advantage of me in the way you did. I was innocent and lonely. I believed in kindness and love, but you chose to abuse my body and mind, making me believe I was unworthy and stupid, convincing me I didn't deserve love and all I would ever get was your dirty hands on me while I was still dreaming of the handsome Prince who would save me from my misery.

Sometimes I wish YOU understood that all that love which I had for you was a message I was sending to my parents. YOU were the parent's image, you noticed my tears and taught me lessons. You were not only my school teachers, but you also taught me about life and its hard experiences. You alerted them when you noticed something was wrong with me and they didn't even try to look at what was inside my hurting heart.

Sometimes I wish YOU were leaders of peace instead of being makers of war. You were supposed to help my country and ensure its peace giving security to its children, but instead of that and in order to achieve your own private interests, YOU ruined my life as well as the lives of all those innocents living there. You destroyed one of the most beautiful countries and made us live in fear and destruction.

Sometimes I wish I never met YOU. I gave YOU my all. I gave you my life, my past, my future. I gave you three beautiful children. I was ready for everything to keep YOU happy, to keep you by my side, to live as a happy family, but whatever I did was never enough. YOU abused me emotionally, sexually, economically, verbally and physically. You controlled me. You controlled my thoughts, my movements, my appearance and even what I ate. You tried to control my health by giving me permission to get sick and by deciding when I must feel better.

Sometimes I wish YOU were closer to me at that time. Yes, it's true I felt You abandoned me, because however I prayed and asked You to help me, You seemed so busy dealing with others. I felt my pain was not enough, God? I felt You knew I could handle more so You wanted to give me more?

Sometimes I wish YOU were more truthful when I gave you my trust. I asked for your help. I told you about my pain. I shared with you my hurt. I listened to you and helped you the best i could. I gave you true love and true friendship. I had to deal with increased abuse in order to keep our friendship alive, but YOU decided to leave and abandon me when I needed you most. You broke what was left of my bleeding heart.

Sometimes I wish YOU were closer to me. It hurts so much now that I have found YOU, I know I can't always be with you. I wish I had met YOU long ago before I feel so damaged and so sick. You would have brightened my days and my life. You would have made my days easier, but at least you are here now, and you are all working like a loving team, holding my hand and lifting me up whenever I'm down.

Sometimes I wish YOU could let me enjoy my freedom and safety. I wish YOU can stop calling me at all hours of the days and nights reminding me of all those years we have spent together. We had some beautiful times, or that's what I thought they were. You knew very well how hard it would be to realize I was living an unhealthy life. How was I to know when I was isolated from the whole world? How was I to know you were not treating me right when it's all I had, when you were the first and only one? I wish you would now leave me alone and let me catch my breath and find my smile. I wish you would let me have a full night's sleep and a happy dream once in a while?

Sometimes I wish that YOU will find me, see me, notice me. I have been waiting for you all my life, dreaming about you and sending you all my love. You have no name and I do not know what you look like, but I know you are there, living somewhere and I have been waiting for you. I hope we will meet one day before it is too late. I wish my dreams can come true and that i will be able to experience true love. I wish I can one day say that I know what true love is.

Sometimes i wish .......
Tonight ...
I wish I could stop wishing
Start LIVING instead.

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Playing The Game"

More than three weeks ago, my Heart-Sister Pat wrote a guest post for my Blog. Things were not going well, and I was waiting to feel better before I can come back to this blog and publish her post.
The situation didn't get any better yet, but I know it will at the right time. 
I am so blessed to have the support of a great family in Canada as well as the support of amazing friends helping me cope day after day.

Pat has created her own Blog Pat's Perambulations, which is divided in 7 chapters:

  1. Channeled and Inspired writings
  2. Living in dementia
  3. General Stories
  4. The 10-years cruise
  5. Colloquial Verse
  6. spiritual teachings
  7. General Verse

Thank you Pat for updating my friends on the blog of the actual situation. Love you <3


I live in England, where we have a reputation for "Playing The Game".

This means that, however bad things get in our lives, we are expected to laugh and carry on without giving in to the pressures and stresses ... this, of course, doesn't happen in real life, much, but we still like to pretend that, on the surface, all is good.

In one particular country, in the Middle Eastern area, there is a similar situation ... it's all about appearances and acting the part ... to the degree whereby, even a life of SHEER HELL must be smiled through and ignored as if all is wonderful. Black eyes and even stitches must be hidden and lied about or the poor woman is not 'playing the game'.

You see, in that area of our world, in the country I am thinking of, a woman is property ... she BELONGS to her man and is his to do with as he wishes. Her job is to bear his children and jump to his every whim, even to the extent of rising out of her sickbed to fetch him a glass of water if he demands it. There are men over there who have never opened a drawer or a cupboard to get a pair of socks or a shirt out; who have never entered the kitchen to get a snack. They don't need to ... they have a wife to do things like that.

The husband has the power to abuse his wife in any way he chooses ... by law he can break her major bones if he wants to. I suspect that, should he succeed in killing her, he may well, if he is skilled at telling tales, get away with murder. If she were to escape this life of hell, he only has to turn to the Police and they would search diligently, returning his property to him as soon as they found her. Oh, and by the way ... the children are his property, too. So, should she manage to escape AND take her children WITH her, then she is a robber and a thief, a kidnapper, a criminal of the highest degree.

One wife has just escaped, fled half way round the world ... AND taken her children with her ... HOORAY ... but, my friends, this is not the end of the story, not by a long chalk :

After she has successfully escaped, her name is vilified, even by her nearest and dearest BLOOD relatives. Hands are held up in horror by these people who have helped her conceal her broken bones, bruises and stitches ... who have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to her situation all these years. He can even grab these in-laws of his and threaten to kill them in order to get her to return and the horror of it is, as this is happening, with both the husband AND her father yelling at her down the phone, while the husband is forcing her father up, over the balcony railing, her father accepts this as perfectly normal and acceptable behavior, well within his son in law's legal rights.

As it turns out, the father is still with us ... telling his daughter that she MUST return to her much-abused husband ... rationalising that the man has the perfect right to go around her family, wreaking whatever havoc he chooses in just retribution. The father believes his son in law has the perfect right to kill them all ... ... ... AND to get away with it.

She is now on the receiving end of phone calls from her sister and father, badgering her and also verbally abusing her. Added to that, the children are in receipt of calls from their father, telling them how much he loves them, how he cannot live without them, etc. The relations believe her husband's stories of her lies and duplicity, (they have watched her being beaten for years and just accuse her of being a bad wife) ... They uphold his claims to love his wife, who is obviously, he argues, mentally ill ... saying he cannot live without her, etc etc etc. However, her biggest crime is that of theft: she has not only stolen herself away from her abuser, her captor, her jailer ... she has stolen, kidnapped, his children ... the beings who were also becoming targets for his mental and physical abuse as they approached and entered their teens.

Why does she not get new phone numbers, one asks? Why not totally break all contact?

Because, my friends, she has escaped to join many family members already living in this other country. Family is important to her. Westernised family are more understanding (to a certain extent) of the rights of women.

However, I wonder at their inbuilt gut reactions to all this ... how thin is the veneer of Western values which overlays the indoctrination of childhood and youth? One hopes that it is strong ... that the aunts, uncles and cousins all continue to make her welcome and that the caring sister who has given her refuge WILL remain strong ... will continue to say, with feeling, as she did only last night :

"I will NOT let you go back"

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I died at the age of 44

I have always believed I was going to die at a very young age. It started while I was still a small child, and was waiting for the D-day with a lot of enthusiasm. I believed that death was not the end; I already knew that it wasn't and that day was expected to be one of the happiest for me.

I was waiting, praying for it to come. I was expecting God to decide which ending would be the best one for me. I wanted it to be something hard, cruel, a painful death. 

Strangely, I still smile now whenever I remember those dreams I had, my prayers, my daily meditation when I was suggesting to God the scenario that would be appropriate for the end, MY END. 

Those dreams and prayers would fill me with peace. Those dreams were the only place where I would feel my parents' love. I would imagine them around my sick and immobile body, looking at me and wishing they had given me the hugs I had needed for so long.

I waited and waited. Years passed, and God still did not listen. Many times I tried to help Him, to push Him, to encourage Him, but He didn't love me enough to answer. That's what I thought at the time. That's what I still think sometimes. He doesn't love me enough.

Or maybe He does and wants something better for me? How am I to know? I think and I try, I plan and I fail,  I wish and neglect, but in the end, the plans we had agreed on long before I was born are the only ones that will come true.

He gave me a message very long ago that I will die at the age of 44 (I remember mentioning that in one of my Blog posts). Having a known deadline helped me and gave me some additional patience. 
I was getting closer. I was proud. This was the year, the year of the end of my suffering and the year when I would find true love with Him, beside Him. I waited patiently.

My 44th year has been the hardest of my life, and what helped me cope with it is the countdown I was doing. On the 22nd of each month I was getting closer and wondering 'when will it happen and how?'

On June 22nd, my depression was getting worse than ever. Three more months to go! God WHERE ARE YOU? I'm still waiting!! We had a deal, please don't forget me! 

God listened. God answered. He reacted. He sent his Angels for me. He helped them plan for it. He gave His Blessings. He made it smooth. He made it as painless as possible, using the best painkillers made of Love. He kept His promise. I died as planned at the age of 44.

The Nikky who has lived all kinds of horrors in her country of origin, died there at 44, only to be born again in Canada where she will have a long and painful journey, but a journey of freedom and love.

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reader's Love and appreciation

It's been at least three weeks since I wrote my last post on this Blog, and to be honest, I miss writing, but I also miss connecting with all of you. I have tried many times, to put some energy into this Blog again, but I couldn't manage it, although I do have few posts "on hold" in the draft folder.

Today I am forcing myself into it again hoping it will help to distract me from my thoughts and fears. I have felt lonely without you all, my friends.

On my last post, I was nicely surprised to be nominated by Rhonda who is author, writer, poet and publisher on her blog OEBooks RYCJ for the Tell Me About Yourself Award and by a great Poet on his Blog Gray Poet for the Beautiful Blogger Award .

The rules for both awards is firstly to link to the blogs that have granted the award, reveal 7 things about yourself, and nominate 7 new Bloggers for the award.

I choose today to reveal 7 things that make me cry, and 7 things that make me smile.

7 things that make me cry:

  1. I cry at ALL weddings, mainly when I look at a bride. It has nothing to do with my own wedding, because it is something that happens since my childhood.
  2. I cry when I hold a little baby in my arms. This also happened with my own children when I was alone with them. I avoid holding babies now :(
  3. I cry whenever I see children performing something they have learned to do, like playing music, dancing, sports, etc.. For example, I cry at First Communion Ceremony, school end of year ceremony etc..
  4. I cry whenever I try to sing, whatever song it is, although singing has always been my dream, my favourite dream.
  5. I cry when I feel loved, when I receive a message of love, a hug, a thought, a smile.
  6. I cry when I feel that someone is upset with me, especially when I don't know how I have hurt them.
  7. I cry when I see an act of kindness and can read gratitude in the people's eyes.

7 things that make me smile:

  1. I smile at the world: everyone I meet as I go about my daily life, whether I know them or not because a smile brightens the day for me, but also for them.
  2. I smile when I'm expecting something and it happens the way I expected it.
  3. I smile whenever I feel appreciated for something I have done or said
  4. I smile when I feel understood
  5. I smile when someone is laughing
  6. I smile at someone's crying, not as a judgement but only a comforting smile, a smile that says "its OK, all will get better and better".
  7. I smile now at each and everyone of you reading this post

Since I have been nominated before for the Beautiful Blogger Award, and have already nominated others to receive it, I choose today to nominate 7 new Blogs that I never mentioned before.

7 blogs I would like to nominate for the Tell Me About Yourself Award:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sisterhood Award: A smile in the dark

After all the progress I have done since last summer, and mainly since I started this Blog, I didn't think I would feel again as down, angry and depressed as I am today. It all started last week-end, and has been going worse day after day. I wonder why it feels sometimes like everything is going wrong? Why I seem some days to only attract negativity?
  • Life at home was simply "hell' this week. 
  • I faced two very big problems at work
  • My eldest daughter didn't do well in her official exams. I'm not surprised as she was under so much stress and pressure with all the aggressiveness and violence at home during her exams time.
  • Physical pain has been horrible, and all the pain killers I was taking didn't help at all.
  • This month, last year, was a very bad one and a turning point in my life. The 19th of June is a date I will never forget.
  • I took the biggest decision in my life, but I'm still not able to work on making it happen
For all these different reasons, I ignored my Blog, and lost interest in writing and reading. What has encouraged me to write a post tonight is just to express my gratitude to Erin who has nominated me for a new award. 
I'm taking this opportunity to thank you all for your support and understanding and to apologize for not being able to concentrate enough to read your lovely posts. I will be back as soon as I can.

I am really thankful to Erin from bellableuehealing for this Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!

I can't remember how I first landed on Erin's Blogging space, but I clearly  remember the big influence Erin's words had on me. Her posts are very powerful and her words go straight to the heart.
What makes my visit to bellableuehealing very special is that I feel "home". The subjects treated, the positive energy I feel, the love sharing make it a very special space where I feel comfortable. The sisterhood award means a lot to me because Erin treats me as a sister, asking about me, caring and loving.

And these are the rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award;
  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.
  • Tell 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other fabulous bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
I'm supposed now to tell you 7 facts about myself. Since I am honestly not able yet to think about anything interesting to tell, I choose to tell you 7 symptoms that always indicate I'm going through one phase of severe depression in my usual chronic depression:

  1. I can't stand any kind of physical contact with anyone, not even a hug from my children
  2. Noise and movement around me become triggers of big anger and extreme irritability
  3. I withdraw from everything: I stop answering phone calls, text messages, emails or any form of contact with others. I always appear offline as I'm unable to have a conversation with anyone.
  4. I stop listening to music as I become too emotional;  I stop talking and start to communicate by writing  even with the people around me in the same room.
  5. I get very easily overwhelmed, and feel so guilty about everything. I am now so angry at myself for not going through the blogs I love reading and all the email notifications I have.
  6. I feel I need help and try to ask for it, but once it is offered, I don't take it because I don't feel I deserve it, I don't feel I'm worth it.  I'm afraid to show how bad things are, and to let anyone see "me" behind the mask.
  7. I lose interest in everything including eating, sleeping, breathing...
Through all that , I still look at my first best friend in the mirror and tell her: " don't worry, hold my hand, walk with me, and I'll take you out of there....( I wonder why I feel I don't really believe "me"?)!

There are so many Blogs I want to mention, but the number is always limited. I have to nominate 7 blogs I love. I will try to choose ones  that I didn't get the chance to mention in my previous posts:
  1. I stop for suffering , Meg
  2. Aha-Now, Harleena Singh
  3. Keeping Time, Emily
  4. Every Day Gyaan, Corinne Rodrigues
  5. Adverseuniverse, Roxy
  6. Going A-Musing, Vidya Sury
  7. 10 steps to finding Your happy Place Galen Pearl

Thank you again for your patience. Although it seems very dark today, I know things will get better. It did before, and it will this time too.

Much love to each and everyone of you <3

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hey Friend, Welcome back!

Although I tried to avoid her ugly sad face, I couldn't help meeting with her, every time I looked in the mirror.
I was encouraged so many times whether I was chatting with a friend or reading blog posts or articles to start loving myself, to see the beauty that is within me, to at least accept and forgive myself. That was really hard after all these years of self judgement and guilt.

When Pat asked me few months ago to give myself a hug, and insisted I should try, telling me how to do it, I laughed, tried, but only succeeded in feeling repugnance for that person I was supposed to love.

I kept trying, I kept reading, seeking as much love as I could from everyone in here, in that magical computer screen; from everyone present in my heart, and the flow of love I was getting was filling me with a new strength, the like of which I had lost years before.

Two weeks ago, my friend Linda suggested an exercise which is to look at myself in the mirror every single day, as many time as I can, and to look at myself with love and compassion. I promised to try, and I did. 

I was certainly not able to say "I love you" out loud while looking in my eyes and I really don't know if I will ever be able to do that, but I managed to look at that sad and ugly face I was avoiding and made a deal with it: 

" Let's make a deal. I don't know if our friendship will ever be the same as it was in the past. I don't know if I can ever repair all the damage that was done by others or by myself, but I promise I will at least try and take care of you. I will treat you gently when you're ill. I will help you when you're in trouble. I will respect you and all your needs without judgement. I will stand by you and help you face your demons."

I made that girl in the mirror a promise, and I am keeping my promise. I took her to the old doctor who used to treat her 25 years ago and got the best treatment for her. I took her to the hairdresser so that she feels fresh and taken care of. I allow her to admit she is feeling down when she is, and encourage her to admit her fears and her pain. I allow her to remove her mask when she is in my presence. I have committed to help her find a healthier balance in her diet.

When I wrote on my previous post "to be continued", I had no idea how this story would continue. I was challenging myself. I was encouraging myself to make at least one step forward. You were loving witnesses, and I would never want to deceive you.

Every morning this week, I looked at the girl in the mirror, smiled at her and asked:

" Hey friend, what can I do for you today?"

This week I can say that I have made peace with my First best Friend.

Nominated again:

You continue all to be so generous and loving with me. I had the surprise yesterday to see that I have been nominated again by my friend Sharon Day In The Life of a Busy Gal for two awards: The Versatile Blogger Award and the Reader Appreciation Award. Sharon discuss on her Blog a big variety of subjects that can certainly interest you all. Since I already received those two awards, I invite each one of you who don't have them yet to consider himself tagged and to check the rules for those awards in my previous posts. Thank you for the love sharing :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My First Best Friend

I knew a little girl who was cute and funny. She loved everyone around, sharing her time and her smiles. She comforted the lonely hearts and listened to the ones who were hurt. She helped with all she had, she gave all she could.

I used to meet her often. I was her confidant. She told me all her secrets. She shared her joys and pains with me. She loved me a lot, and always forgave me when I ignored her. I saw her beauty and wondered why no one else seemed able to see it. I asked God so many times, what did she do wrong to deserve that treatment? Why was he allowing to suffer all that pain?

She was strong and taught me love and forgiveness. Day after day, year after year, and as that little girl was growing, her eyes were becoming sad, her smile was fading away. Why did the light fade from her face? Where is that brightness I used to see sparkling in her eyes? Where was the comfort she used to give me?

That girl had changed a lot. She needed far more attention. I didn't have time for her. I didn't need her in my life anymore. I wanted a friend to make me happy, not a friend who just complained all the time. 

The poor little thing wasn't really complaining. She didn't say a word, but looking at her made me feel her pain so strongly, and it hurt. It hurt a lot because I loved her and felt helpless. I didn't know how to calm her fears. I didn't know how to ease her pain. I wasn't happy myself, so I chose the easy way.

I chose to ignore her, and ignore her silent tears that were breaking my heart. I didn't answer when she called me. I didn't look in her eyes when we met. Seeing her was making me so angry. It was a mixture of sadness and guilt. I hated MYSELF for abandoning her, but I hated HER for being who she was.

Although I tried to avoid her ugly sad face, I couldn't help meeting with her, every time I looked in the mirror.

To Be continued....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sharing The Love

Illuminating Blog Award

On my latest Blog post, I had the beautiful surprise of being nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award by Miss Rambler from The Risible Rambler. This lady loves writing and she does it so well!! There is a wide variety of posts on her Blog that very often bring a smile to your face and to your heart.
The Illuminating Blogger Award is given “for illuminating, informative blog content” (according to their site).

Now, the rules of receiving the blogging award are the fllowing:

1. The nominee should visit the award site ( and leave a comment indicating that they have been nominated and by whom. (This step is so important because it’s the only way that we can create a blogroll of award winners).
2. The Nominee should thank the person that nominated them by posting & including a link to their blog.
3. Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.
4. Select at least five other bloggers that you enjoy reading their illuminating, informative posts and nominate them for the award.
5. Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site (

I had many ideas of things I would want to mention in this post but then I decided that I would take the opportunity to tell you about the influence a particular song has had on my life.
As a child, I didn’t have a single word of English yet, nothing at all, but I used to talk in French to my virtual friend that I created in my mind, and I used to ask her to keep me company and help me to cry. I also used to say (without understanding the meaning of what I was saying) “Can’t they hear me crying? Can’t they see I’m dying?”. Not only that, but my favorite melody was Adagio. It used to bring tears to my eyes. Many years later, I heard a song by Louise Tucker from her album Midnight Blue on the radio. The song is called Graveyard Angel. The song’s music is based on Adagio. I don’t know the lyrics now except two things she says “can’t you see I’m crying, don’t you know I’m dying”. Since that time, listening to the song Graveyard Angel takes me to another world. I searched for the full lyrics but didn’t find them. I can’t listen to the song and write down the lyrics because when the song is playing I am ABSENT, however hard I try to concentrate. If anyone of you know this song, or if anyone of you can get the lyrics for me. I would be so grateful.

I have now to nominate 5 Bloggers …..

  1. Heal Now and Forever and Anxiety Shmanxiety Blog  author Jodi Aman
  2. Cauldrons and Cupcakes author Nicole Cody
  3. Gems of Delight author  Lisa
  4. My verbally Abusive marriage author Kellie Jo Holly
  5. Bringing Along OCD author Tina Barbour 

Reader Appreciation Award

I have been following Roxy's Blog  Adverse Universe  for some time, and I love her very informative, well written posts about Eating Disorders and her path to Recovery. I had the very nice surprise to see that Roxy has very kindly nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award, and I would like to thank her so much for that.

It’s true that I don’t suffer from an eating disorder, but I think that everyone has his own struggle, and we don’t necessarily have to live through an identical situation in order to understand one another. Love is not conditioned by our struggles in life.

Here’s what I have to do!
1. Include the award logo somewhere in your blog.
2. Answer these 10 questions, below, for fun if you want to.
3. Nominate 10 to 12 blogs you enjoy. Or you pick the number.
4. Pay the love forward: Provide your nominee’s link in your post and comment on their blog to let them know they’ve been included and invited to participate.
5. Pay the love back with gratitude and a link to the blogger(s) who nominated you.

The Questions: 

1. What is your favorite colour?
I would instantly reply Blue, although the shade which attracts me is Black

2. What is your favorite animal?
Dogs – The two dogs I had in my life are the only ones who showed me unconditional love. They would listen to me, feel my pain and comfort me.

3. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Fresh Fruit juice, any kind except Guava

4. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?
I prefer Facebook because I like to have direct contact with my online friends.

5. What is your favorite pattern?
Swirling colours

6. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?
I love both, but I certainly prefer giving presents. I like to receive ONLY when it comes from love and not because the person feels obliged to offer something on a special occasion. The gift has a great value in my heart even if it’s just a smile. About giving presents, I don’t like to do it in standard occasions. I like from time to time to just send a gift that shows my love to the person.

7. What is your favorite number?
My favorite number is 4. I don’t know why, but it has always been. I used to say I wanted 4 children and to die at 44 (which is this year). It might seem silly but I like the fact that my birthday is on the 22nd (2+2 = 4) and I’m 44. I feel that is special.

8. What is your favorite day of the week?
I really don’t have a favorite day in a week. My favorite day is the one I can spend ALONE relaxing, doing nothing except what I want to do.

9. What is your favorite flower?
I love all flowers but my favorites are jasmine and gardenia

10. What’s your passion?
My passion is connecting with people, discussing different subjects, or sitting in silence. I mainly love to help others who suffer. My dream has always been to become a therapist.

The Nominees I will mention below may choose to not participate in this award process. I’ll of course leave it up to them, but I do encourage you to check their Blogs

These are some of the blogs I enjoy reading most

  1. Eating Life Raw author Leah Griffith
  2. Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for your Life author Erin
  3. Inspiration from the Little things author Irene
  4. Martha's Daily devotions author Martha Orlando
  5. Navigating Cyberloss author Casey B
  6. Live Law of Attraction Linda Armstrong
  7. Writings on Body Image and Identity author Lisa Rosenberg
  8. A Year of Making a Difference author Louise Gallagher
  9. Memoirs of Me
  10. Nelmitravel author Nelieta
  11. Healing Morning author Dawn
  12. I Take Off the mask author Joyce

I didn't give an explanation on the content of each Blog i have nominated, but I really recommend you check them all.

Happy reading, Many Thanks and Love to all!!