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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'd rather be.....

I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail.
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would.

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would. 

Away, I'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world
Its saddest sound,
Its saddest sound.

I'd rather be a forest than a street.
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would. 

I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
Yes I would.
If I only could,
I surely would. 
(Paul Simon/Jorge Milchberg)

Every morning while driving my children to school, one of the songs I listen to stays in my head, and can transport me to my Dreamland.
My dreamland is not limited by space nor time, it is a mixture of everything, reality, past, future and hopes.
This song above took me back to that little girl I was, who seemed wise for a few and weird for many others.
Adults ask children standard questions, i.e. “What would you like to be when you grow up?” or “Who do you love most?”
The standard answers from the children are “I want to be a teacher or a policeman“ “I love Mommy, Daddy or Grandma the most”

To question NR.1 my answer was always: I have no idea, it doesn't matter. I know what I don't want to be, because that is what matters. I don't want to be cruel, a liar, rude or disrespectful.  If I can avoid being those, that would be what I want to become. Family and profession are nothing except clothes you put on that sometimes hide who you truly are.

To the second question, my answer was that I love everyone the same. No one could understand how I can love strangers as much as I love my parents and especially for someone who was as categorical as I was. There was no middle for me, it was love or hate, but love was for everyone, no exceptions, and hate would only go to what a person does, not to the person herself.
I was called the devil's advocate. I still am. Everyone has his reasons. I understand.


  1. ***I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet,
    Yes I would.
    If I only could,
    I surely would. ***

    --Sometimes this is quite difficult, isn't it?

    Xx Love flowing to you, N. xx

    1. it certainly is, but not impossible :)Love you <3

  2. Nikki, I love your twist to the routine "what I want to be." What I'd rather not be is more effective and you've definitely hit on the characteristics that make for a not so nice person. I would rather not be unkind, cruel, and heartless. Yes, I would.

    1. And you're not any of those you mentioned. You are kind, caring and full of love.
      I can't remember how old I was when i was trying to explain my answer to this question, but I was certainly under 10, and I hope I will never betray that little girl I was.

  3. Patricia EastwoodMarch 7, 2012 at 9:23 AM

    While on our way from Home to Earth,
    we float there, in the womb …
    then, after birth we pass more time,
    heading towards our doom;
    but, when we throw this suit away
    and head off, back home to God,
    as we go, come memories of …
    how often we’ve worn a bod.

    We realise, with much surprise,
    we’ve been this way before
    so very many times, we know,
    and yet we can be SURE
    that we will come this way again …
    until lessons are learned -
    we have to be word-perfect
    ‘fore promotion can be earned.

    There comes a rare one, though, who KNOWS
    the way to wisdom, true …
    they stand out from the crowd, you see
    (diff’rent from me and you)
    They have a rare decisive way
    of saying what they feel,
    and care not for conformity,
    only for what is REAL.

    They see right through this Earthly fog,
    past human emotions, raw …
    they’re familiar with God’s teachings
    adhere, well, to His law …
    Almost from the day of their birth,
    these ones know what is right
    they shine a very rare beacon through
    this planet’s stormy night.

    Alas, humdrum humanity
    just doesn’t recognise
    the golden worth of these bright lights
    in fact, folk are not wise …
    they judge the child as different
    with horror in their minds
    and shy away from wisdom, pure
    thinking some thoughts, unkind.

    And yet, and yet, my gentle friends
    This lady’s one of them …
    she walks along this Earthly place
    clutching, tight, God’s hem …
    she lives by all his teachings, pure,
    sets a good example;
    how many of us folk out here
    can stand up as her equal?

  4. Love your answer to What do you want to be? Seems as though you've followed your chosen path with joy and love to share! Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Lynne. I'm trying not to disappoint that little girl I was :)

  5. That's very sweet of you Nikky. And how very wise to know very well what you don't wanna be - I was smiling when i read the answer. :) Glad to know you.
    "Every has his reasons." But some can have pretty mean reasons dear, and I hope you never ever come across that kind in ur life.

    1. Glad to know you too Punam, and thank you :)
      Unfortunately, life has not been very nice, and has put many of those people with mean reasons, but without them i wouldn't the person i am now :)

  6. S&G - you've got to love them. When we were growing up my mom said that all she wanted us to be was good human beings! I hope we are living up to her wishes.

    1. I'm sure you are, and your mom must be very proud :)

  7. Amazing Nicky I love this blog, sending lots of love Carole <3

    1. I'm so glad you liked it Carole!!!I have great teachers!!!!!

  8. beautiful, why has it taken me so long to read it? Gorgeous, be you because it is the best you ever! You are soaring and will get so much out of it! this is the year of Nikky!

    1. Because you won't know about it if you don't get an email notification :)
      Thank you Jodi. You always give me hope by believing in me :)

  9. Nikky, this is beautiful. Wonderful ideas, well expressed. Congratulations on a terrific blog! xxxx

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for reading my post!!!!!and for commenting!!! I enjoy reading all your posts and I'm so happy I found your blog!!!

  10. Nikky, I love how you express your thoughts. And, your choice of lyrics is perfect. Flight of the Condor is one of my favorite Paul Simon songs.

    1. Thank you Monique!!! It's a great compliment you're giving me here as I'm a "new user" of the English language, and i never thought I would be able to write and express myself in English!!


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