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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women, 2nd class human beings

Today is Women's Day!
Strangely, for the first time in my life, I find myself paying attention to this.
I was raised in a family where women are considered free and independent. I was very proud of that, when comparing my mother's life and my own to that of other women in this country.
Mum was allowed to work, she had her car, was always wearing nice fancy clothes, had friends and a social life "with dad".
That seemed for me just perfect.
Mum worked full time in the school across the street. Her day started at 6:00 am, and ended at midnight. Apart from her job, she had to do housework, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, children's homework, and receiving visitors. She never complained, and used to jump on her feet ready to serve my father before even listening to what he had to ask for.
At the age of 7, I was considered old enough to help. Housework was considered more important than studying. I was too small to reach the sink so I had to stand on a chair to wash the dishes. At the age of 10, I was cooking, baby sitting, serving at the table, and helping with my sisters. I could never do my homework before falling asleep, exhausted.
I used to see other kids playing and laughing while I was cleaning the windows, I used to hear my sisters arguing and having fun, while I was preparing lunch, using one hand and holding a book in the other.
I rarely complained, but when I did, the answer was:"you're a girl, and you're the eldest".
I honestly have no memories of my father ever entering the kitchen to fetch himself a glass of water. He never opened the closet to get a towel or prepare his own clothes. All those movies where men would help in the kitchen or care for the children illustrate a totally alien concept in my country. I would watch without understanding what I was seeing.
I blamed myself this morning when I mentioned that I used to criticize women requesting equality with men. I have been thinking of that all day long, but after all, it's not my fault? How would things be different, when I was raised as a 2nd class girl, and am treated now as an inferior slave? I thought this was Normal, the way it should be. I used to envy my mum for being so "free" she could ring a friend or go to bed before dad is home, without worrying about what he would do if he needs his cup of water and find her asleep?

This is not my situation alone. Unfortunately, a very large number of women in my region are treated the same. I consider myself luckier than others, because at least, I have a good job.
During the last few months, I have met many persons online, have done a lot of reading on different blogs, and have realized that being a woman is not as bad as they told us it is. I learned that being a woman is a privilege and not a punishment from God. I learned that if women have to go through a lot, it's because they are strong enough to handle it all.
I am a WOMAN, and I am PROUD.


  1. ~~~Nikki,
    In some countries, they ( men ) want to keep women ignorant & uneducated.

    I don't understand that... since WOMEN are half of the population. Can you imagine what power & hope & success they could have with an entire Population!?

    We must rise up with our voices and say "No More."

    We must begin a Revolution and say "No More."

    It is already happening.

    Be Proud. Roar. Tell your story. Never Stop.

    One day, women will rule the world!!

    Xxx Love.

    1. Thank you Kim. When I started this blog last week, i was looking for ways to block people from my country, to block many people as I am scared, but now i decided o say whatever needs to be said, What would happen more? It won't get worse. I will talk maybe others can learn from my mistakes. Love you

  2. Nikky, This is awesome, I like seeing the transformation, what an honor! Being a woman can be beautiful and spectacular!

    1. Jodi, you are playing a main role in this transformation, because you listen and understand. You make me feel important. I feel that I exist. Thank you <3

  3. Patricia EastwoodMarch 9, 2012 at 7:25 AM

    You are blossoming, my friend ... turning from a tiny bud, closed tight around your pain ... into a wonderful bloom ... all petals open towards the sun ...
    I like what I am seeing and I love the transformation.

    Pat. <3

    1. Pat, I don't know what I was. I know I was "invisible". Everything in me was invisible to everyone, even to myself. You heard me and cared. You taught me a lot, and I love you with all my heart <3

    2. Your love does me great honor

  4. I'm with Kim on this. Speak your mind and never stop. It feels GREAT to be a woman! I wish you lived here. You would see that!

    1. Thank you. I also sometimes lived elsewhere, and some other time, i think I should stay where I am to try and make a difference :(

  5. Nikki. I gain more and more insight of you everyday! You absolutely deserve to be proud to be a woman!

    1. Thank you Stan!! I am learning. I was raised to think I was inferior and God created me to serve him and Men in general!


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